Sunday, 15 July 2012

:: QCA Bee #3

This year I joined my very first quilting bee and I am LOVING it :) The Bee was formed through the Quilt Club Australia FB group, a very talented bunch of quilters.

How it works is the Bee is made up of 12 members. Each month, one member is the Queen Bee and she chooses a block that she would like the hive to make for her. Members have until the end of the month to sew the quilt block and get it in the post. At the end of the month, the Queen will have 12 blocks to put together to make a quilt top.

It's a really great way to get a variety of fabrics in your quilt blocks, and it is really something special to have at the end, a quilt that many people have contributed to ^_^

We started in June, and this is the block I made for Elaine...

Elaine was inspired by this photo. Each square is 2.5", so the finished block is 10.5" square. I really wanted to find 25 different fabrics for Elaine's block, and I'm so chuffed I did...from my that embarrassing??

The next block I made in July was a Reverse Rainbow Starburst Block for Lara....

We followed this tutorial from Diary of a Flutter.Kat which was really simple, the block was quite fun to make. Again, I wanted to use 24 different yellow fabrics, but didn't quite have enough in my stash, so I did a personal swap with Elaine (a wonderful friend) :) I sent her some blues, and she sent me some yellows for the swap. Each square started off 4x4" and the finished block is 17.5 inches square. This is the largest block I have made, well, pretty much the second :P

Next up is a block for Sally in August, and I have all the fabrics I need ready to go, just need to get on it!!


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